Our Island

Take turns tending to an island with strangers on Twitter. Actions that you take will affect the players who come after you, but not you. Will you forsake the island for immediate gain, or plant trees that you will never sit in the shade of?


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ROLE: Game Designer and Producer
STATUS: Game Jam Prototype
PLATFORM: PC (Browser)
TEAM SIZE: 7 People

Our Island is an experimental prototype developed as part of the 2019 Global Game Jam. The theme for the year was “What Home Means to You”, and we wanted to use this theme to explore the idea of community, climate change, and humanity coming together to protect the one home that we all have in common: Earth.

We will be continuing development on the game post-Global Game Jam.

Responsibilities & Roles

  • Game documentation.
  • Level and mechanic design.
  • Balancing the economy of the game.
  • Tracking tasks and overall progress using burndown charts and Hack n Plan.
  • Assigning tasks to our team members.
  • UI Layout
In-game screenshot from our GGJ2019 build.