About Me

Hi! I’m Christopher Poermandya, and I’m a Melbourne based game developer with a passion for production, entertaining others through engaging gameplay and interesting game design.

I’m a freelance Game Designer and Producer. I’ve done work for Digital Lode (which you can read about here), I’m a frequent game jammer at the Global Game Jam and other jams, and am currently working as a Designer at Melbourne Interactive Studios on their debut project. I’m also currently studying Game Design and Production at AIE Melbourne.

My skills lie in Mechanic Design, Level Design and Project Management. I’m a people-oriented worker who thrives in a team environment where I can leverage my communication, management and organisational skills to bring out the best the team can offer.

Outside of games, I’m an avid player of D&D and board games. I love getting together with my mates to drink and play tabletop games!

Feel free to check out Projects I’ve worked on, have a look at my Resume or get in Contact with me. I don’t bite!