StormRend: Realm in Ruin

Gather ‘round the campfire and allow me to regale you with tales of heroism and valour! When the World Tree was under attack, the gods sent three Champions to come to its aid. Defend the World Tree, defeat the Frost Trolls and save the Realms from being plunged into an Eternal Winter in this Norse-inspired turn-based tactics game. 


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ROLE: Producer, Designer, Social Media Manager
STATUS: Completed (Proof of Concept)
DURATION: 5 months

StormRend is my capstone project for my second year at AIE. I started prototyping this with my co-designer, Dale, starting December 2018 in preparation for pre-production. With both of us being fans of turn-based tactics games, we really wanted to create our own take on the genre for our final year at AIE. 

Roles & Responsibilities

Production + Social Media Manager
  • Run daily stand-ups and track progress over development, employing Agile methodology
  • Adjust scope based on progress and timeline
  • Assign tasks, creating asset lists and tracking task progress using Hack n Plan
  • Create pitch deck and present pitch to industry professionals
  • Organise multiple practice panels with industry professionals before the official pitch
  • Schedule and post public-facing Tweets
  • Paper prototype using board game pieces, paper and miniatures
  • Design, prototype, and iterate on mechanic, level and narrative design
  • Create an effective and efficient tutorial, without forcing the player to take the actions we want them to
  • Game documentation
  • Create pitch deck and present pitch to industry professionals
  • Collaborate with audio engineers and voice actors on creating and implementing music, SFX and voice acting
  • Write the script for our voice actors