Espire 1: VR Operative

A single-player VR experience focused on stealth, espionage and action. Remotely control an Espire agent in order to complete objective-based missions utilizing an arsenal of weaponry and gadgets.




ROLE: Gameplay Designer
STATUS: In Development
ENGINE: Unreal

Espire 1: VR Operative is an immersive, intuitive and exciting VR stealth-action game, currently in development. The player controls a robotic Espire agent, with built-in hand cameras (allowing the player to peek around corners or place them in the environment) and electromagnetic hands that allow you to climb up metal surfaces. The goal of Espire is to provide the player with a wealth of options as to how they will approach encounters: will they stealthily take guards down, go in guns blazing, or sneak past without being detected?

Espire 1 will feature a long, story-based campaign, as well as additional Virtual Challenges to test the player’s skill and mastery over the mechanics.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Test level layouts and design and provided feedback
  • Work with other designers and programmers, discussing, refining, and implementing new mechanics and features – refining existing guard designs, implementing new guard designs, streamlining weapon design, more intuitive controls, etc. 
  • Implement enemy guard patrols, cameras, and trip mines
  • Balance encounters based on internal and external testing/feedback
  • Test, refine and balance Virtual Challenge missions
  • Balance and tweak enemy guard stats, weapon stats
  • Communicate with various disciplines to ensure smooth production