Moped Mayhem

Delivery driving isn’t easy, especially when you owe money to the Mafia! Try to deliver as much food as you can while avoiding the Mafias goons. Race against the clock to earn the most money in this frantic action-racing game!

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ROLE: Game Designer and Producer
STATUS: Completed
DURATION: 9 weeks
TEAM SIZE: 9 People

Moped Mayhem is my capstone project for my first year at AIE. With the limited time available to us, the team and I decided to go with a small, simple game concept with a low-poly art style.

Moped Mayhem is a very fast-paced and chaotic action-racing game, in similar vein to the original GTA. Explore a city with 4 visually distinct districts, discover back alleys and shortcuts to speed up your delivery routes, and avoid the relentless Mafia who’ll be chasing you down every step of the way!

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Running daily stand-ups
  • Tracking tasks and overall progress using burndown charts and Hack n Plan
  • Adjusting scope based on progress and milestones
  • Assigning tasks to our team members and following up
  • Creating promotional material (sell sheets, presentations, GIFs)
  • Running the game’s Twitter account
  • Game documentation
  • Level and mechanic design
  • User testing and gathering feedback
  • Implementing changes to level design based on feedback
  • Tweaking and refining character controller