Room-Bot Rumble

You and your friends each play as top-of-the-line vacuum-boxing robots. In order to prove how effective your robot is, you must fight your friends by punching them away from piles of dirt as you attempt to the be the robot to vacuum up the most dirt in the wacky and chaotic arena brawler party game.


Playable Build


ROLE: Sole Developer
STATUS: Prototype
DURATION: 4 weeks

Room-Bot Rumble is a game prototype I designed to practice my coding. In developing this prototype, one of the core ideas was having weird movement controls. Players are constantly moving forward and can hold down bumpers to rotate left or right. But in order to throw out a punch, the player must also be holding down that bumper, thus forcing themselves to rotate to attack other players.

It was difficult juggling the game being either fun and novel or frustrating, but through extensive playtesting and iteration I believe I was able to find a nice balance.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Conceive initial game concept
  • Physical prototyping
  • Mechanic and level design
  • Program all the scripts
  • Bug testing and debugging
  • User testing, and implementing changes based on user feedback
  • Lighting